Recently Windows 11 has created hype because of its features and capabilities. Microsoft offers a free upgrade for Windows 10 users with a twist. You must meet the minimum requirement to run Windows 11 on your computer and have a trusted platform module (TPM) chip on your PC.

It is official that Windows 11 is now in the market and offers more features than Windows 10, such as Android app support, new design, widgets, better multitasking experience, etc.

However, it can only support 64-bit (x64) processors and only run on specific processors. Therefore, it can leave behind all the computers that do not meet their minimum requirements.

If you are going to upgrade your operating system to Windows 11, once you check your computer hardware, below we can make a small guide to quickly check if you can run Windows 11 on your computer or not.

Steps to Check CPU Compatibility for Windows 11

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft released a small compatibility checker tool to measure the requirements for Windows 11, and after a week, they deleted it. Now you can manually check or use third-party tools.

  1. Open Settings in Windows 10 and go to the System option.
  2. Go to the About option.
  3. Under the Device Specifications section, check which processor you have. By following this, you can estimate whether you are eligible to run Windows 11 or not.Check CPU Compatibility for Windows 11
  4. Now you can open the Microsoft official page to check if your processor is on their list to support Windows 11. (For Intel Users and AMD Users)

Steps to Check CPU Compatibility Using Commands

There is also an alternative way to check your computer hardware and check whether you are eligible for Windows 11 or not.

  1. Go to the search bar and type CMD.
  2. Now Right-click on Command Prompt and run as administrator.Now Right-click on Command Prompt and run as administrator
  3. Now type the below command to check your processor maker and model.
    wmic cpu get name
  4. Now you can check the architecture of your processor that can support x64 or not by following the command.
    wmic computersystem get systemtype

From Editor’s Desk

Windows 11 is one of the latest and best operating systems offered by Microsoft. Thus they offer minimum requirements to run Windows 11. Moreover, it is more flexible than Windows 10 and supports Android apps, new designs, customization, etc.