If you’re an avid video PC gamer, you consider many things that affect your gameplay. One among them is the Frames Per Second (FPS) rate, the count where the number of frames being displayed per second.

This rate determines the smooth gameplay, as it depends a lot on your system hardware and software drivers. As it’s a deciding factor of effective gameplay, having a higher FPS count is a must for excelling.

While you may use several third-party apps or plug-ins to check your current FPS rate, realize the Microsoft has an inbuilt FPS counter to show how many frames are being changed in a second. And here’s how to enable it;

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Steps to See FPS in Any Windows 10 Game (Without Extra Software)

Windows 10 has a dedicated gaming settings and statistics section called Windows Game Bar, and here’s where you can set up or alter all the settings. To view the FPS rate for any game,

  1. Go to Windows Game Bar by pressing Windows + G shortcut keys on the keyboard, or search for it in the Start Menu.
  2. Here, look for FPS setting under the Performance tab, and left-click on it to see the prompt to restart for enabling it.
  3. Before you do that, select the Request Access button and then proceed to restart your system.See FPS in Any Windows 10 Game

That’s it. Once restarted, open your desired game and also the Windows Game Bar. While you see all the settings show up, starting the game will make all tabs disappear except the Performance tab. Here, you can see the live FPS count as you play the game.

You can move the tab to any part of the screen to avoid being disturbed. Apart from the FPS count, you can also see the RAM, CPU, GPU, and vRAM consumption rate.


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