Have you ever checked the battery health of your MacBook? Mostly, no one checks it until and unless they see a drastic change in their device’s battery life. All the computer batteries have a limited lifespan, so they need to be replaced quickly. If you have seen any change on your device battery or want to check the battery’s health, then here you go.

Does your MacBook battery not lasting for a long as it used to? Then try to check out the MacBook’s Battery Health. You will get to know whether you need to replace the battery or not.

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Steps to Check Battery Health on MacBook

Below, we have mentioned few methods that will help determine your Mac’s battery life. You can also check the cycle counts limits.

Method 1: Check Battery Health from Status Bar

This is one of the easiest methods to check battery health. But if you want more details, you should try out other methods.

  1. Hold the option key and click on the battery icon in the status bar at the screen’s top side.
  2. When you click on the battery icon, you will see your MacBook’s health. There is an option of Condition; here, it will be written ass Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, or Service Battery.

Check Macbook Battery health

Method 2: Check Battery Cycle Count via System Information

To keep Macbook’s battery health normal, the charge cycle count is also important to know. As most of the current Macbooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros have 1000 battery cycles, it’s good enough to use at least three years of regular use. However, old Macbooks were carrying just 300 or 500 cycles.

When your Macbook reaches its limit of cycles, the battery won’t fall suddenly, but you will see changes while using it. You might need to use it by keeping it connected to the charge, or the battery will drain faster. So, better to check the cycle count of the battery.

  1. On the top left corner of the screen, click on the Apple icon
  2. From the list, select System Information or About This Mac
    Click on System Report
  3. Now click on System Report and expand the Hardware category on the left.
  4. From the hardware list, click on the Power option.
  5. It will show all the stats of the battery. To check the cycle counts, click on the Health information option on the right side.

You will see plenty of information related to your battery. If your Macbook’s battery is having any problem, then the “Condition” entry will display something like “service battery,” as of now, it’s showing Normal.

Method 3: Get Detailed Information Using Coconut Battery

The above-explained methods are enough to check whether your MacBook battery is normal or not. But if you want more detailed install the Coconut Battery app that is free to install with in-app purchases.

The Coconut Battery app will show you the battery’s age, when it was charged, and other information. Moreover, you can also check your iPhone battery status by connecting it to your Mac using the same app.

Coconut Battery

  1. You need to download the Coconut Battery app
    Download Coconut Battery
  2. Run the app and check the details like current charge capacity, Full charge capacity, and other details.

This is how you can check out the Macbook’s Battery Life.


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