Facebook’s data leak of over 553 million records is undoubtedly one of the biggest leaks in history. If you think you might have been affected by this, be glad as there are few portals made to clarify this. One among them is the Have I Been Pwned, a famous portal gathering all the data breaches and looking up your e-mail address.

How to Check Whether You Are Affected in the Recent Facebook Data Leak?

Check Whether You Are Affected in Recent Facebook Data Leak?Leaking your personal details to the world would attract many cyber risks. This includes impersonating cybercrimes like phishing emails and others. Regarding Facebook, we’ve learned that details like Facebook IDs, phone numbers, names, gender, and other details have been leaked.

While this leaked was from 2019, it still contains carries a significant risk since most of the details (like names, phone numbers, and email addresses) aren’t changed for many. And if you think you’re among them, here’s how to check;

Have I Been Pwned?

Maintained by a security researcher named Troy Hunt, Have I Been Pwned is a verification site that lets users check whether their credentials have been compromised or not in any previous data breaches. It does this by gathering all the data breach cases from the past and letting users verify from the repository with their email addresses.

Troy Hunt said that he had added the recent Facebook data leak to Have I Been Pwned. So entering your e-mail address may reveal whether you’re affected or not. And if you’re returned an error, do a new search with your registered phone number by adding the country code as a prefix. This is because not everyone’s email address available in the breach; thus, trying with a phone number may return better results.

Have I Been Zuck?

It’s similar to Have I Been Pwned but built especially for this Facebook data leak. Users can verify their integrity by entering either their phone number, e-mail address, Facebook ID, or the full name on the website.


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