China retaliates to the novel step taken by the Indian government of banning Tik Tok and several other applications. In no small measure, the cold war tensions between both the countries were escalating up the horrid graph. However, the hostility seems to be glued since the Chinese government has decided to ban Indian based websites and well-read newspapers.

Although in a democratic country like India, the government has not banned the use of Chinese website URLs and newspapers; however, scores of people in China can access the Indian banned websites only through VPN. With technology’s grace, the Chinese government cannot trace any user using VPN services since the IP address will be masked, and anonymity rights will be reserved. Fildena 100 mg

China Blocks Indian Websites
China Blocks Indian Websites

However, the Chinese government has got that covered as well by imposing a firewall to block the VPN services. The border tension prompted the Indian government to respect sovereignty and integrity values inked in the book of the Indian constitution and thus had to resort to banning 59 Chinese based applications.

Stuffed and blowing bag of banned websites in China

Over the past years, the communist country has managed to slip every website into the banned bag, which it felt was threatening its country’s image. There are scores of websites banned in the country including Facebook, WhatsApp, and several collaboration tools including Goggle Drive. Aurogra

It seems like the country has nothing to hesitate about when it comes to limiting their countrymen of resources. In the past, China has successfully blacklisted news outlets and social media platforms and now has included the Indian websites and information catering newspapers as well.

Nevertheless, the Indian government would never curtail the rights of its diligent citizens; however, it will not take a step back when it comes to protecting the safety and security of the country.


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