We’ve already seen Google working on a new UI for the downloads on the Chrome browser, where it shows the progress and managing options right at the home screen in a tiny window.

Now, a new leak revealed that this new download window allows drag and drop of downloaded files across the apps and system. This should help multitaskers who often switch files between apps and windows with a simple drag and drop instead of browsing through the entire downloaded section.

Drag-and-Drop Downloaded Files in Chrome

Chrome browser is undoubtedly one of the best browsers today, and its success is catered to a number of features Google is adding regularly. In this pursuit, Chrome is getting a new downloads UI soon that may make our lives a bit easier.

Google is adding a dedicated downloads icon right next to the search bar in the web version, where users can check the ongoing and recent downloads at a glance. The live downloads come with a progress bar too that shows the percentage of files downloaded and the remaining time for completion.

This seemed better than what we have now – a circular progress bar for downloading files shown at the bottom bar that takes up the precious space of the window. While we’re waiting for this to roll out, a Reddit user spotted yet another addition to this new downloads UI – Drag-and-Drop support for files.

Chrome’s download bubble now supports drag and drop (Canary). from chrome

Users can drag and drop downloaded files from the section to outside – onto the desktop or any other supported app easily. This should make work easier for people who often work on multiple apps and monitors and keep on switching files between them.

This support is currently in development but can be experienced in the Chrome Canary version if turned on in the flags section. Users should first activate the new downloads UI by enabling the “download-bubble” flag and see the drag and drop support coming up eventually.


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