Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its Chrome browser – that will let users close any active tab with just a double click on the mouse.

This eliminates the need for keyboard shortcuts or precisive mouse navigation – performed to close the active tabs. This feature has been in Edge for months and now coming to Chrome. If you can wait for this support already, you may try suitable extensions to perform these actions.

Double-Click to Close Chrome Tabs

In the pursuit of making the handling experience easy on Chrome, Google is working on new support to let users close tabs with a double click on the mouse. This was spotted by @Leopeva64 in the Chrome feature tracker, where the evidence for this feature is listed in Chromium Gerrit.

Details on when this would come out for users or even for beta testers are still unknown. But when available, it’ll hopefully make their lives easier. As of now, users needing to close an active tab on Chrome need to find the X option of the concerned tab or use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + W.

Though these perform the task, a shortcut from your mouse is much easier and quicker. As for using a mouse to close a tab – if there are dozens of them opened – it requires you to be precise and patient. Thus, the new mouse shortcut.

While it’s still under development, you may try using a Chrome extension called “Double Click Closed Tab” if you want to experience this feature already. This Chrome extension can let you close tabs with a double click on the mouse, and even open closed tabs with your choice clicks, ie, by a double click of either mouse button or triple click of either mouse button.


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