Cisco, the electronic equipment giant, is facing backlash in markets looking at problems in its servers. Security systems developed by Cisco are facing DoS attacks through bugs and malware. The malware and bugs can be traced back to 2017 server break-ins by hackers.

The Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) by Cisco is one such line-up which talks of enhanced and fool-proof security. However, the recent development has earned the wrath of consumers in the security sectors worldwide.

Cisco Security
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The DoS can be triggered through a remote server by an attacker easily. They can do that with ease if the malware or bug is already inside the Cisco server systems. Cybersecurity experts in Cisco are looking into the matter, and the results are expected soon. The first stance they are taking is to strengthen their firewall and remove the bug from their systems.

New Year and Christmas Holidays Making Neutralization Tougher: Officials

CVE-2018-0296 is the big code that is cropping up consistently with DoS attacks on Cisco servers. With the New Year around the corner, there is a significant shortage of workforce at the Cisco cybersecurity headquarters. Therefore, handling the servers and removing the bug is a tough ordeal for the remaining employees there.

Also, they need to identify the amount of data loss done by this bug, which was inside their systems for the last two years. Nick Biasini, a cybersecurity expert and threat research specialist at Cisco, claims that the effects of the bug are not devastating yet. They are trying to figure out the escalation of this bug, and curbing the damage is their primary agenda.

Higher authorities did not reveal significant details about this cybersecurity issue, however, assured that it will be taken care of at the earliest. The mitigation strategies to be adopted by Cisco for this purpose is yet to be seen.


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