Cloudflare, the internet’s largest CDN service was down for a few minutes early this morning, which resulted in the outrage of several critical services.

Cloudflare has millions of clients worldwide, so expect the platform’s outage can disrupt a major part of the internet. Although, the company soon said they had identified the issue and rolled a fix and said all the dependent services should once again be back.

Cloudflare Takes a Large Part of Internet Down

With the internet being a widely connected community, services like Cloudflare – a Content Delivery Network, are important for thwarting malicious attacks and keeping the critical services up all the time. Cloudflare offers DoS protection, speed optimization, and various cybersecurity services to millions of domains globally.

So expect how serious a service outage from Cloudflare can affect the internet! It’s huge. For a brief period today morning, Cloudflare was down due to an unreported bug that affected all the data plane services replying on Cloudflare’s network.

Some examples include popular news websites, cryptocurrency services, Feedly, and Cloudflare itself! Few domains that check for a site’s outage – down detectors, too, were disrupted for a while since they rely on Cloudflare. But after an hour of an outage, Cloudflare reported as

“The issue has been identified, and a fix is being implemented.”

The platform noted this situation as a “critical P0” incident – a situation where service personnel refers as urgent and seeks quick attention to resolve it. An hour later, at 9.13 am, Cloudflare stated that all the services are operational and monitoring the progress.

This should make all the websites relying on Cloudflare’s CDN work once again. Have you been affected by this outage? Tell us below.


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