Clubhouse, the revolutionary audio-only chat room concept, is now gearing up for a big change. According to reports, Clubhouse on Android will be released in a stable channel this summer, where it may revoke the invite-only concept.

Also, it will allow users to add their Instagram and Twitter profiles and be more discoverable. Further, improvements on event discoverability in clubs are made.

Clubhouse for Android Stable Release

The noise made by Clubhouse is significant, as many tech giants have pulled their own clones considering the popularity. From Twitter to Instagram and Reddit to Telegram, the most popular platforms have their own Clubhouse concepts. However, while this is made popularised by Clubhouse itself, it’s still limited in many cases.

Like for example, in terms of usage. The Clubhouse is initially launched for iOS users and is now rolling out to Android counterparts. And it’s still running on the invite-only model, which limits the number of users joining. But, this is going to change soon.

The company plans to roll out a stable Android version to all this summer, which may not have the invite roadblock.

Currently, anyone invited onto the platform will get 5 more such passes to be offered for others. Apart from this, the Android variant of the Clubhouse will soon let users add their social profiles like Twitter and Instagram to their accounts. This is found in the latest beta version of the app, where you can see the ‘Add Twitter’ and ‘Add Instagram’ options.

This feature is already available in the iOS client and lets users know more about others through other means. Further, Clubhouse makes it easier for users to join events and follow their speakers by putting those options on the front page for more discoverability.

Users in the room can now tap on the speaker’s photo to see a brief view of them, tap on follow button to follow them. And regarding events, you’ll see all the upcoming events of a club listed on the Club page and scroll through all of them to learn more.


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