One of the main goals of using technology in the workplace is to make the workflow more streamlined. If you are still using old technologies like exchanging emails, and messaging with your teammates to get work done, better collaboration tools. 

Using collaboration tools helps teams to get more work done efficiently. The tools allow people to communicate better and manage projects and resources better, and they also enable teams to create together. In the new normal, where hybrid workflow is a big part, all teams need better collaboration tools to work efficiently. 

Today, we list some of the best collaboration tools available. These tools help you to communicate, create and manage your workflow. You can select the best collaboration tools for your team based on the type of workflow, team size, work needs, and area. 

Make sure that you consider some important factors like how your team usually communicates, what type of projects your team handles, how many people work on a project usually, and how the tool can streamline the workflow.  

Best Collaboration Tools for Teams

1. Slack

If you are looking for a professional communication tool, there is none better than Slack. People from all industries worldwide use this as a primary communication tool. It is a powerful communication app with features like instant messaging, file transfers, and powerful message search. 

SlackYou can keep the channels and groups public or private. The best thing is that you can connect with multiple organizations in one channel. You can search for project history from completed projects or channels.

With mobile apps, a desktop app, and a web app, you can access the tool with any device. There are over 2000 integration options, including Trello, Intercom, etc. 

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2. Trello

Trello is a must-have project management tool for every team. It looks like the classic solitaire game where you drag cards. Well, here you drag cards, too, but these are task cards. 

trello project management appYou can create a board with different team members and assign cards to them. Once they finish the task, they can drag it to the next stage. It is one of the best project management tools with seamless tracking and integration options. 

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3. Google Meet

The audio and video calls are fine for some cases, but when working with a team, you need a more robust collaboration tool. Google Meet is easily one of the best collaboration software as it integrates video calls and presentations. 

Google Meet on Chrome Gets Support For Picture-in-Picture Mode-minYou can use Google Meet to communicate and present ideas, discuss future projects, etc., with your team. If Google Meet is not your first choice, you can check out Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco WebEx. 

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4. Google Slides

As it turns out, slideshows are still pretty relevant in the corporate world, and to present a good slideshow, Google Slides is a perfect companion. 

Google Slides TemplatesIt might not have as robust editing options as Microsoft Powerpoint, but it is far ahead in terms of collaboration. You get real-time editing, commenting, and feedback on the presentations. 

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5. ProofHub

If you are looking for reliable team collaboration software, ProofHub is the one you should check out. It comes with ​​custom workflows and kanban boards. The tool allows you to share files, communicate, and share real-time feedback. 

ProofHubThen there is the project planning with Gantt charts and project timelines which makes the entire workflow more efficient. The interface is quite seamless, with multiple project views, including table view, timeline view, board view, calendar view, etc. So make sure to check it out. 

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6. NuovoTeam PTT

If your company primarily works with frontline workers & non-desk employees, NuovoTeam PTT is a must-have tool for you. This tool streamlines communication and collaboration for your teams. It’s a one-of-a-kind collaboration tool that allows you to have group chats, one-on-one conversations, video calls, and Push-to-Talk functionality. 

NuovoTeam PTTWith the devices that support it, you can get super quick press-button connectivity anywhere, anytime. This is particularly important for frontline workers and remote teams. So make sure to check it out. 

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7. Brandfolder

It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are in; digital assets are a big part of every company now. Most digital assets can contain sensitive information which needs protection.

That is where Brandfolder comes into play. It is a highly-rated digital asset management platform. With companies like Slack and Mastercard putting their trust in the tool, you rely on this tool. 

BrandfolderThe tool allows you to upload, store, organize, and share unlimited files in a secure location. It supports all file types and allows guests to upload without giving them full access. Everything on the cloud has multiple layers of protection, so your data is always safe. It is a must-have tool for businesses with digital assets. 

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8. Chanty

This tool proudly claims to boost productivity by 55%. If you are a data-driven person, that alone is enough to convince you to use it. It’s a collaboration tool that comes with various integration options and collaboration features. One of the best things about the tool is its seamless interface. It makes the onboarding process seamless.

chanty appYou can create tasks for teams, assign them, and add due dates. The teambook feature on the tool is helpful. With the kanban board view, you get better details. It also supports audio and video calls. Lastly, the pricing is decent. It costs around USD 3/user, which is pocket friendly. 

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