A funny incident took place in Georgia earlier this week is hurling in social media. This was about a couple called 911 for emergency help after hearing weird noises from in their home. The whole drama wraps up realizing it was their robot vacuum cleaner rummaging automatically and stuck in the hallway!

The Gadget Drama

Thomas Milam, along with his wife Elisa was watching a movie in their bedroom. They paused the movie after hearing weird noises from downstairs and suspecting an intruder. The clock ticked past midnight, Milam grabbed his gun and Elisa called 911 for help. Within minutes, the operator dispatched officers to the location they said and asked if they were armed. Milam said yes and he was pointing at the door after hearing the increased noises from an intruder.

Couple Mistook Their Robot Vaccum Cleaner For Intruder And Called Police
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The noise was increasingly alarmed and the couple started fearing about their 2-year old daughter sleeping soundly next door. They didn’t want her to wake up to those noises and waited for police. Milan explained as

“All my military training came back to me. I started analyzing the path the intruder would take, their line of fire if they entered the room in certain ways, and where we should be to decrease our risk of getting hurt.”

And when police checked into their house and started searching for the intruder, operator asked Milam to set the gun down and talk to police. He opened the door and police shined the stairs, and Milam walked down with his hands put and in boxers!
Police holstered their weapons as asked a question to Milam as, “Is this Roomba yours?”

Milam felt ashamed and explained the things as he understood. The family bought an autonomous vacuum cleaner, Roomba made by iRobot for their Christmas! And that’s what being rummaging throughout the home. He explained that’s been cleaning the home without even scheduling and stuck at the hallway and bumping into the wall, thus making weird noises as an intruder.

Thanking Each Other!

Though embarrassed, Milam thanked police for their quick help. He said,

“At least we know your response time is lightning fast. We love and appreciate you, and have the utmost respect for what you do. Though this was embarrassing for us, it also warmed our hearts that you had such great attitudes about it and were there to help so quickly.”

In return, the Forsyth County Police too thanked Milam for being in such good humour. Christina Howell, a spokeswoman of the department told CNN as “We often interact with our community members on their worst days. We were so thankful this turned out to be a false alarm, but even more thankful that the homeowner was intentional about sharing his perspective of the experience with us and with the public.”

Source: Forsyth County Police


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