World Health Organization (WHO) is stepping into the digital world for spreading awareness about COVID-19. The health authority is now on WhatsApp as a chatbot to serve over two billion people with genuine information. As WhatsApp is the prime platform for spreading fake info, it’s also the first selection to help people update about Coronavirus.

WHO on Whatsapp
WHO on Whatsapp

The outbreak of novel coronavirus is undesirable, as many are taking advantage of the rush happening instead of avoiding. Thus, WHO stepped in with a clever service to reach people – WhatsApp. This Facebook-owned instant messenger is having over two billion userbases, which is wide enough to spread the fake propaganda. A break of this chain could be possible by procuring authentic information from authority as WHO.

The Chatbot Contact

One could add the contact +41 798931892 to their list and refresh the WhatsApp to find this in your chat list. Opening the conversation, you should be texting first as Hi to wake up the bot and present you with a menu of items for further information. If not for adding as contact, you can join directly by clicking on this link.

What can be known?

A simple Hi would initially show you a menu for selecting the type of information you seek. This would be the latest statistics of the infection, steps for Protecting oneself, general FAQs, Mythbusters, travel advice and general News & Press covering the COVID-19. Moreover, there’s an option for donating to this cause even.

WHO Menu options
WHO Menu options

A section for Mythbusters and emergency contacts is always helpful. Aside from this, you can even add your local authorities on your WhatsApp list if they have such chatbots too. If you’re residing in India, here’s the contact for the Ministry of Health for local updates and emergency contacts.


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