It’s known that Apple has been working on crash detection for years and would embed this feature in its devices sometime.

And the time has come, as per WSJ’s report, which said the feature could come to iPhones soon. Once live, the feature uses an accelerometer to detect any sudden crashes and call the 911 emergency helpline immediately if there’s no response from the user in time.

Apple’s Crash Detection is Coming

Devices or features like automatic detection of crashes are always needed, as they respond with available help immediately when in an immovable situation. Thus, Apple is making one to help US iPhone consumers.

As per The Wall Street Journal’s report, Apple is all set to launch the “crash detection” feature in iPhones soon. This will use the accelerometer’s support built into iPhone and call 911 immediately after sensing any crash. Apple has been working on this support for years, using data from its users.

It’s said the iPhone maker is collecting anonymous data from its iPhone users and recorded over 10 million suspected vehicle impacts, with more than 50,000 of those accompanied by a call to 911. This assures that users need assistance once a harsh crash has happened, so call 911.

Apple’s crash detection would do just that, automatically. Keep your phone nearby and drive through. Once a crash happens and you’re unable to respond immediately, your iPhone will call to 911 for sending nearby help. This may come to Apple Watches too.

Apple has already embedded fall detection in Apple Watch Series 4, which immediately informs the users’ loved ones and call emergency services for help once the fallen user fails to respond to a notification.

Google has the crash detection in its Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 series for a while, but if it’s coming to Apple devices, it’s undoubtedly a new one for the broad community in the US.


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