Many times system crashes may result in system failure. When this happens, you won’t be able to boot into your PC and you will have to install Windows from scratch. Even if you have the backup of the files, you will still have to do all the settings and install all the apps again on your PC. 

To avoid such mishappening, you can create a system image backup on Windows 10. Generally, a System image backup will have the image of your entire Windows, including the apps, settings, and files.

So if a system failure occurs at any point, you can restore your PC from the system image backup, thus saving you the hassle of starting everything from scratch. 

Creating a System Image backup of Windows 10 is relatively easy. However, if you are looking for a guide to help you with the complete process, you can follow the steps in this article. 

Steps to Make System Image Backup on Windows 10

You will have to use the Backup and Restore tool of your Windows to make a system image backup. The steps to do so are mentioned below-

  1. Open Windows 10 Settings.
  2. Under the Update & Security section, click on Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7) Update & SecurityGo to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)
  3. Tap on Create a system image from the left options.Create a system image
  4. You must select where to save the backup- On a hard diskOn one or more DVDs, or at a network location. Select either of the options and then click on Next. On a hard disk, On one or more DVDs
  5. You will now have to select what drives you want to back up. Select the drives, and then click on Next
  6. You will now see what things will be backed up; click Start Backup to continue. Start Backup
  7. You will see a popup asking you to create a system repair disk; click No if you don’t want to create it, or else click Yes.
  8. Wait until the process is complete, then click Close to close the System Image Backup tool. 
  9. Now open the File Explorer by pressing Windows E key combo, and head to the location where you created the backup. You will see a folder named WindowsImageBackup which means the backup is successful. 

Note- You can only find this backup folder in File Explorer by selecting the hard disk destination folder. If you selected DVDs or network locations, you must visit them to see the backup folder. 

Final Words

The above steps will let you create a system image backup on your Windows 10 PC. Once you have created this backup, you can use it to restore your system in case of system failure. 


1. Do Windows 10 have System Image backup?

Yes, Windows 10 have system image backup. You can create two types of backups on Windows 10- file and image backups. If you go for file backup, only files on your PC will be saved, but in image backup, all the settings, apps, and files will be saved. 

2. How do I Create a System Image Backup in Windows 10?

The Backup and Restore tool can create a system image backup in Windows 10. We have already discussed the steps for this in the article above, so you can follow them to create an image backup of Windows 10. 

3. Will a System Image Backup Everything?

Yes, System Image backup everything. This will back up everything on your PC, including all the drives on your PC, Windows installation files, Windows Settings, apps, and all the user’s files. 


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