As we knew that Microsoft’s Windows OS is more customizable than Apple’s macOS, do you know that the app’s shortcut icon in Windows 10 users can be customized as desired? If you don’t, learn that Microsoft allows Windows 10 users to modify the appearance of the application’s shortcut icon with something else.

Understanding users may feel bored, looking at the same icons every day is appreciated. Allowing them to change their looks can be slightly helpful, as they feel refreshed or attentive when they saw something new. So, here’s how you can change program icons in windows 10.

How to Customize Your Program Icons in Windows 10

First, select the icon you wanted to change the appearance of.

  1. Then, Right-click on the selected icon to open its quick settings menu.
  2. Now click on Properties, available at the bottom of the menu.Change Program Icons windows 10Here are the steps to change or customize program icons on a Windows 10 computer. You can apply any desired icon on it.
  3. The Properties box will show all the details of the file and the option to change the icon.
  4. Here, in the Properties box, Check for the Change Icon button in the Shortcut tab.
  5. Clicking on Change Icon shows will show the available icons ready to replace the original shortcut icon’s appearance.
  6. Select the one you liked and then click on OK and Apply to see the icon’s appearance changed on the home screen.

Note: You need to be the administrator of the device to apply this change. So if you are, Click “Continue” when this dialog box pops up to continue.

Besides the available icons shown by your system, you can also choose other desired icons from the ICO, EXE, or DLL files in your system. For this, click on the Browse option in the Change Icon menu of the Properties tab.

Replacing the icons’ appearance won’t affect anything else, thus safe to try. It’s just one of Microsoft’s flexibilities to users to let them interact better with their PCs.

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