Cyberoam Technologies, the Sophos company is under a threat right now. A security researcher is claiming that the firewall appliances of Sophos can give access to an attacker for the company’s internal network. Sophos has already announced that they fixed this vulnerability.

This vulnerability in Cyberoam is a potential danger flaw that can harm corporate networks in various ways. The attacker will be able to access the network remotely and get root permissions. If there are any vulnerable devices in the organization, those devices can completely fall prey to this flaw.

Cyberoam Firewalls has a Dangerous Flaw which can Expose Corporate Networks
Cyberoam Firewalls has a Dangerous Flaw which can Expose Corporate Networks

A web-based operating system from the Cyberoam firewall can be used in this entire hacking process. One vulnerable device is enough to harm the entire corporate network.

Large Enterprises Across the World Prefer Cyberoam

Cyberoam is the gateway for so many large enterprises. It sits on the edge and keeps the track of employees while preventing hackers from entering into systems. This service removes any kind of bad traffic and prevents any kind of malicious software from entering the company network.

Cyberoam has the virtual private networking feature and employees of an organization can work remotely with this service. The security researchers found a flaw in this particular VPN service only. So many large organizations have also fallen prey to this issue and hackers now can remotely access the systems with just IP address.

Pointing out the vulnerable system isn’t a big task for the hackers and they can get hold of it pretty quickly too- said the anonymous researcher. The researcher also claims that the Sophos will release proof-of-concept code in the coming months. It is advised for customers to check for updates and get it as they released a patch along with the new update. Updating the system will help in reducing a lot of issues.


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