Both bitcoin and anonymity maintain browsers like Tor have become a common pick for so many dark web users out there. The dark web users can do so many nefarious deeds with the help of these two things. The best thing about this is it is next to impossible to catch the users who are misusing things here. Now the situations are changed and hackers are eyeing these dark web users. The malicious version of the Tor browser is used to spy on the dark web browsers these days.

Apart from spying it is also stealing the bitcoins present in their wallets. This fake Tor browser has resulted in some serious issues. One thing that everyone has to note here is that Tor browser has always been the best option to maintain privacy and anonymity.

Fake Tor Browser
Image Source – We Live Security

The researchers at ESET are claiming that the hackers have stolen more than 40,000 USD using the trojan version of Tor Browser. This fake browser redirects users to a fake page where it mentions that the Tor browser is outdated even though they have the latest version of this browser. Then they are taken to a download link that is infected.

Infected Link Starts Spying and Tracking User Activities

This infected that users have downloaded will start spying on their devices. Whenever the user adds any funds in the Bitcoin wallet or pays for any service in the dark web, the tor will start diverting these funds to the wallet which is controlled by spammers. The criminals behind the website can see almost everything that the user is doing on the system.

ESET has stated that the fake tor browser has been in existence from 2017 and 2018 too. The hackers have been using three bitcoin wallets to carry out the task. Even more wondering thing is that they have been using the same accounts for a long time now.


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