The largest natural gas supplier in Greece – DESFA, on Saturday shared a public statement regarding a cyberattack on its infrastructure, leading to some data being stolen in the process.

DESFA immediately shut down its systems after learning about the breach and deployed its IT professionals to contain the situation. Assuring the public that none of their gas supply has affected, they informed the concerned authorities to solve the issues.

Publicizing After Being Exposed

Most of the Europen countries are already in trouble for boycotting the Russian energy supply – after the latter invaded Ukraine earlier this year. This led them to rely heavily on local suppliers, even though they’re producing in very limited quantities.

DESFA is one such entity in Greece which supplies natural gas to the nation. On Saturday, the company put out a statement to the local media – revealing a cyberattack on its infrastructure. While it didn’t specify how exactly that happened, it noted some part of their data had been accessed and stolen.

Though they deployed their IT professionals immediately, the damage has already been done. This led DESFA to shut down their systems – hindering the online services – until the experts worked towards a careful restoration.

Although, the company assured its customers that no impact has been made to the gas supply and that all input and output points operate at normal capacity.

As per the procedure, it soon informed the local police’s cybercrime department, the national data protection office, the national defense department, and the ministry of energy and environment to get their help in resolving the issue quickly and smoothly.

DESFA made this attack public since the culprit – Ragnar Locker Ransomware started publishing the data of stole from it on Friday.

Claiming DESFA as its victim, the Ragnar Locker team posted a file tree showing what they had taken from them, plus a small set of files as samples. DESFA, on the other hand, strongly opposed negotiation for any ransom payment.


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