Dharma Ransomware, one of the most sophisticated ransomware in history was just set up for sale! The popular ransomware’s source code was tagged for a price of $2,000 in two Russian language hacking forums. Security researchers believe this open sale could lead to a sudden spike in the attacks, but no worry as they could find some free decryptors too in the process. Yet, it’s unbelievable ransomware of such popular was finally sold in retail.

Dharma Source Code Sale
Dharma Source Code Sale

Get it for just $2,000

ZDNet reported this offer to be more threatening, as airing such sophisticated ransomware for such a small price would eventually create numerous possibilities, thus leading to a surge in attacks. This was seen in two Russian language forums over the weekend. Security Researchers to are excited to get their hands on, as they’re hoping for any loopholes in the system to break it.

Dharma Ransomware Source Code is On Sale For Just $2,000
Dharma Ransomware Source Code is On Sale For Just $2,000

Dharma ransomware was initially called as CrySiS, and the creators were master coders. This started its operations in summer 2016 as a RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-service), selling to those fraudsters who mend further mend it as they like and unleash against the vulnerable public. And having the strong encryption protocol led Dharma even to grow more. In fact, the only time Dharma got fooled when a group of individuals mass leaked decryptors, and that too not because of Dharma’s any loophole in the system.

Phobos, another ransomware that is as brilliant at Dharma was found to be sharing the ransomware market equally with Dharma. Though it’s sophisticated too, Dharma didn’t die out and continued helping many attackers as their base for new creations.

In RSA Conference this year, the FBI even awarded this ransomware as the second most lucrative one in recent years. This is so profitable even now, as it made over $24million to date and had a market share of 9.3% in Q4 2019. Aside from statistics, the Dharma ransomware group was praised for its unbreakable encryption formula.

Via: ZDNet


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