Startup apps in Windows 10 are set for quick access. While Microsoft did this to help users to better their experience, it’s not always the case. It should be noted that startup apps are opened along while the system is booting to make them ready to open quicker. Thus, they impact the system boot time.

Some users don’t want apps (or some apps) to run as startup apps for several reasons. These could be like they want their system to boot up fastly, or don’t use the apps that are being a startup. Thus, they can disable them as desired or set only a few to startup. Here’s how;

Best Methods to Disable Startup Apps in Windows 10

We all know that windows are releasing updates constantly so we cover both methods like one is work with the latest windows 10 and the second is working with all previous Windows Operating systems.

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Method 1- Using Setting App

  1. Open Settings. You can reach here either by typing Settings in Start Menu and clicking on Settings app or through the options available in Start Menu.
  2. Now go to Apps and then to Startup Apps in the left pane.
  3. Clicking this will open up a set of apps that will startup when the system is booted. You can toggle off the apps you wish not to open on windows startup.

You may see apps that you don’t use often or never. And don’t wonder if you see most apps from Microsoft.

Method 1- Using Task Manager

This method is pretty easy and works on almost all previous windows operating systems such as Windows 8, 8.1, etc.

  1. Open task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. A task manager popup window will come up. Select the Startup Tab.
  3. Now you see the status of all app. Review all the apps, and if you see some apps, you don’t want to load on startup. Just right-click on it and select Disable Option.

The settings will take effect after restarting windows. You will see that your windows load faster than normal because of disabling startup apps. If you want to roll back these changes, just follow the same steps and select the Enable Option to revert changes.


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