Discord is bringing one of the most requested features – Themes – to the community today to let users customize their app’s desktop UI as desired.

Well, the new Themes are bundled in the Nitro package, costing $10 a month. If you are willing to pay so, you can choose between 16 themes of various kinds to set a background and make your stream appearance much more exciting.

UI Themes For Discord Desktop App

For years, the Discord community has been begging the company to add an ability to set desired theme backgrounds – to make their streams more mindful and interesting. Ignoring this request for a while, the platform has now launched Themes to satisfy the users’ thirst.

Well, this feature is paywalled behind the platform’s most expensive subscription – Nitro, which costs $10/month or $100/year. So you must think well before paying up for the pack. Well, the Nitro subscription comes with not just the Themes but also a bunch of other features like a bigger file-sharing limit, 4K and 60fps streaming, and the 4,000-long characters limit in messages.

But if you don’t want all these – then you must seriously think if paying for Themes (via Nitro) is worth it or not. And to do that more meaningfully, Discord allows you to preview these themes before deciding to buy them. There are about 16 themes you can try, so with more, maybe add up later. These are available in the Discord Desktop app, in its latest beta version.

Find them under Settings > Appearance and choose from the available color schemes. You’ll find a new Color section under the existing Light and Dark themes, with all the new 16 Themes listed below them. Preview them to understand better if they suit your preferences or not, and go for buying if they are good.


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