Downloading videos is one of the most difficult tasks for modern browsers. Whether it is downloading Youtube videos, videos from Facebook and other social networking sites, most such websites do not have a dedicated download feature that restricts users from sharing them with friends and family.

If you wish to share a Facebook video over WhatsApp, you won’t have many options besides sending a link to the video. But this is not sufficient all the time as downloading videos and sharing them has a much better impact.

Videos are used for multiple reasons, whether it be music videos, tutorial videos, generic entertainment, or educational videos. Unfortunately, there are very few software apps available that can help you with video downloading over multiple websites when it comes to Mac.

There are few Youtube video downloaders, but they don’t work and do not support 4K and other higher video downloading support. So today, we will discuss VideoDuke video downloader Mac which will help you download videos from multiple websites over the internet.

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How To Download Videos on Mac – All Websites

With VideoDuke, you can download from multiple websites and no matter the file size. Whether the video is 4K or 8K, VideoDuke will help you download and save it locally to your mac computer. The app has multiple features such as:

  • Browser mode: You can search the web and find the perfect video to download without any technical restrictions to find the video link. Browse the video and download it with VideoDuke.
  • Bookmark support: Easily bookmark all your multimedia websites and access the vast warehouse of videos easily.
  • Browser integration: You can integrate VideoDuke with your favorite browser to help you download videos. It gives you a seamless experience of downloading videos easily with multiple resolutions and download options.
  • Download MP3 files: Not only videos but VideoDuke also supports audio files, so downloading songs and lecture material is an easy task.
  • Download 4K, 5K, 8K videos: As time progresses, so are our video consumption needs. In the digital era, you can download 4K, 5k, and 8K videos easily and enjoy the experience of high-definition videos.
  • Supports batch process: Whether you wish to download all videos from a channel or all videos from a playlist, VideoDuke supports such batch downloading needs.

Steps to Download Videos on Mac

Downloading videos on Mac with VideoDuke is an easy and fun task. All you need is the link for the video or webpage where the video is hosted. If you don’t have the link, you can easily browse the video using the in-house browser.

  1. First, download and install VideoDuke on your Mac.
  2. Now, find a video you want to save, then copy the video URL and paste it into the VideoDuke search tab. If you can’t find the video link, you can also browse the video by putting the website link.
  3. You can choose from multiple media formats and video resolution options. You may also go to the advanced mode to explore advanced video downloading options.
  4. Now click the “Download” button, and your video will automatically start downloading.

Note: If you wish to download all content from a playlist or a channel, you need to provide the link and click on the download button. This will start the batch downloading process, and all videos from the selected playlist/channel will be downloaded to your Mac computer.


Our lives are supported by digital media and videos, whether they are entertainment or education. It is amazing that now you can download and store video in multiple resolutions from popular video hosting websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

For content creators, students, teachers, and other personnel, downloading videos can be an important and time-consuming task. But with VideoDuke, you can now download all such videos easily.


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