Dropbox is tuning its business-focused Advanced plans to avoid spam and illegal sharing of their storage plans.

Citing that many are using their unlimited Advance plans for cryptomining or reselling, Dropbox fine-tunes to follow a metered plan – where new users of the Advanced plan will be given 15TB shared storage. And if the users needed more, they should buy add-on storage packs of $10 for 1TB each.

Cutting Unlimited Privileges For Goons

Dropbox, the US-based cloud storage solution, is changing its policies after some perpetrators exploited its unlimited Advanced plans.

In a blog post today, Dropbox said an increased number of people have been using its business-oriented Advanced plan (which comes with an unlimited storage offering) was used for “not to run a business or organisation, but instead for purposes like crypto and Chia mining, unrelated individuals pooling storage for personal use cases or even instances of reselling storage.”

These perpetrators have been consuming more storage than genuine business customers, resulting in an unreliable experience for all customers, says Dropbox. Thus, it’s reducing the unlimited offering and restricting the maximum usage to 15TB per plan.

Dropbox says the current Advanced plan customers can continue to use their unlimited quota until a notification arrives – which tends to pass mid-next month – and be limited afterwards. They’ll be given an extra 5TB pooled storage for five years with no price increase to their current plans.

New users, on the other hand, will be given a total of 15TB of pooled storage in the Advanced Plan with three sharing licenses and 5TB for each additional support obtained after that. All the Advanced plans will Max out at 1,000TB.

And if you need additional storage without licences, you can buy add-on packs costing $10 per 1TB, payable monthly. Or you can get them for $8 per month if purchased annually. The change will roll out from September 18th to new users and November 1st to old users.