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Secure Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox Alternatives 2021 – 12 Secure Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox is one of the best and trendy cloud storage. If you are using it, you know very well that it's very easy to...
Russian APT Hackers Use Crutch Backdoor Malware

Russian APT Hackers Use Crutch Backdoor Malware to Store Stolen Data in Dropbox

Researchers at ESET have documented a new backdoor malware called Crutch. They have linked this to a Russian-backed APT called Turla, which has been...
Dropbox Zero-Day Vulnerability

Dropbox Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploiting Victims by Accessing System Files

The popular file storing platform Dropbox has new vulnerability discovered on its zero-day. The service's updating application has a security flaw that could potentially...

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