Apple passed an update to the File Provider API in macOS – that will kick out external cloud storage services to place files in the local storage!

The change has already impacted Dropbox users, who started complaining of syncing issues of their files between the device and cloud storage. Dropbox passed an update to align with Apple’s changes and asked users to manage their files accordingly.

Dropbox Losing External Drive Support on macOS

MacBook users running on macOS Ventura and using Dropbox for their work – be aware that the external drive functionality has been stopped now! A new update pushed by Apple this week cuts off the link to let users store their files on external cloud storage drives – like Dropbox.

More specifically, the change affects Apple’s File Provider API – that’s used by the system to sync data between the local copy and remote storage services. This functionality is an important aspect of productivity, letting users remotely collaborate on their work.

Disabling this and forcing the cloud storage providers to place system files within ~/Library/CloudStorage will significantly impact their workflow. This is a showstopper for the users relying heavily on Dropbox integration – as they have to find other services now.

Well, it’s not yet clear how this change will affect other third-party cloud storage providers. But since any app that relies on Apple’s File Provider API now has to use a new system folder, they’ll likely be affected. Responding to this change, Dropbox passed an update to align with Apple’s changes. Some of the key highlights are;

  • Changing the location of your Dropbox folder is no longer supported by macOS.
  • Due to the change in the Dropbox folder location, files that were previously linked in some third-party applications will need to be linked again.
  • Storing your Dropbox folder on an external drive is no longer supported by macOS.
  • Your Dropbox folder in Finder will now be found under Locations and no longer under Favorites.
  • Individual folders can be moved from your Dropbox folder to Favorites for quick access.


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