Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and more. You can create an account on Dropbox and start storing your files there. The files stored on Dropbox will be available on all your devices that have Dropbox with the same account. Not only this, but you can share the files with other people easily. 

Like other cloud storage services, Dropbox does a very good job storing and sharing files. But is Dropbox free, or do I have to pay for a subscription to create an account on Dropbox? If you are confused with the same, then this article will help you with your query. 

Is Dropbox Free in 2023?

Dropbox has a free plan (also called the Basic plan), which offers 2GB of free storage. As a basic plan, this storage isn’t enough, and eventually, you will have to opt for higher plans to get more storage. Compared to similar services like Google Drive and iCloud, Dropbox is way behind in free storage plans. 

Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage, and iCloud has 5GB of free storage, more than the 2GB of free storage offered by Dropbox. With Dropbox’s free plan, you can upload and share your files through the link. You can also log in to multiple devices with the same account and access your files on all your devices. 

What are the Dropbox Plans?

Dropbox currently has five plans that one can opt for, i.e., Basic, Plus, Professional, Standard, and Advanced.

  1. Basic- This free plan offers 2GB of free storage and allows only one user per account. 
  2. Plus– This plan costs $9.99/month if billed yearly or $11.99/month if billed monthly. It allows one user per account and offers 2TB storage. It has unlimited device linking and up to 30 days of file and account recovery in case of data loss. 
  3. Professional– The professional plan costs $16.58/month for annual billing and $19.99/month for monthly billing. You get 3TB storage with this plan accessible by one user. This plan also offers 180-day recovery, unlimited device linking, and three eSignatures per month. 
  4. Standard– This plan costs $18/user/month with monthly billing, with $15/user/month with annual billing. This plan allows 3+ users and is well-suited for small teams. You get 5TB of storage, which will be shared among all the users signed into the account. Also, you get an automatic backup for your PC and external storage devices connected to your PC. This plan also offers account and file recovery for up to 180 days, unlimited device linking, external sharing controls, content protection, unlimited signing, and three monthly signatures per request. 
  5. Advanced- This plan costs $24/user/month with annual billing or $30/user/month with monthly billing. This plan is well suited for a large team. The features of this plan are almost similar to the Standard plan, but the storage starts at 15TB with this plan. 

These were the five plans offered by Dropbox. However, if you have a large team and the Advanced plan doesn’t meet your requirements, you can go for the Enterprise plan.

This is the custom plan for which Dropbox will quote you the price for the custom features you request. You can contact Dropbox for more details on this plan and its price. 

How to Sign Up for a Free Dropbox Account?

When you create an account on Dropbox, you can opt for the Basic plan, which offers 2GB of free storage. Here’s how you can sign up for a free Dropbox account-

  1. Click on this link to head to the Sign Up page of Dropbox.Sign Up page of Dropbox
  2. Now, enter your email address here, and click on Continue. If you have an account with that email, you will be asked to sign into that account and see the Create Account form.Now, enter your email address here, and click on Continue
  3. Enter your First NameLast Name, and Password, and click on Agree and Sign Up. First Name, Last Name, and Password
  4. Next, you will be asked to select a plan. Click on the Continue with 2GB Dropbox Basic Plan option. Continue with 2GB Dropbox Basic Plan
  5. You will now have to tell for what you are creating a Dropbox account. Select the option from the list to continue ahead. You will now have to tell for what you are creating a Dropbox account. Select the option from the list to continue ahead
  6. After that, they will ask you to verify your email address.verify your email address
  7. You will now be asked to download the Dropbox app on your phone/tablet. You can do that later, so click on Skip for now option. 
  8. That’s it; you will now have a free Dropbox account with 2GB of storage. 

How to Refer Friends and Get More Storage?

The best part about using Dropbox is that you can get more free storage if you refer more friends to Dropbox. For every referral, you will get 500MB of free storage, and your friends will also get 500MB of storage after creating an account from your referral. You can get up to 16GB of free storage by referring friends. 

Here’s how you can refer your friends to earn free storage on Dropbox-

  1. Head to the Dropbox site on your browser and click the Login button at the top right corner. 
  2. Now, sign into your Dropbox account to continue ahead. 
  3. After signing into your account, click on the Profile icon at the top right corner, and then from the menu, click on Settings
  4. Now, click on the Refer a Friend tab. 
  5. You will see the invite link; click on Copy to copy it. You can now share the link with all of your friends. You can also refer your friend by sending them an invite via their mail. 
  6. You will get free storage after your friend signs up with your referral link. 

Final Words

Dropbox offers free cloud storage with every account, but you can opt for more storage by paying the subscription fee. You can also refer your friends for more storage with the free account. The above article discusses how you can opt for the free plan on Dropbox and refer your friends for more storage.