After testing with a closed community for months, DuckDuckGo is releasing its browser app on Windows for public beta testing this week.

Announcing this expansion, DuckDuckGo lists all the features that its Windows browser app has – email protection, Duck Player, blocking trackers etc., similar to its other apps. Boasting that it’s faster than Chrome, DuckDuckGo invites interested users to download and try the app now.

Another Privacy Browser on Windows

DuckDuckGo, the company that started as a privacy-centric search engine, is now making web browsers. After making clients for macOS, iOS and Android, DuckDuckGo is currently finalising its Windows app, with the client entering public beta testing this week.

Making this announcement, DuckDuckGo says, “Our desktop browser for Windows is officially in public beta – no invite codes, no waiting list, just a fast, lightweight browser that makes the Internet less creepy and less cluttered.”

Keeping it on par with its counterparts, DuckDuckGo’s Windows client has all the features for providing the best security and user privacy, with several tools like blocking third-party trackers, search query logging, and user profiling. All these would make the targeted ads impossible for the advertising. Further, the company notes the below features as highlights;

  • Innovative encryption – Automatically accessing the HTTPS version of a site by upgrading it with an open-source crawler.
  • A “Fire” button – Erasing all the browser history and session data with just one click.
  • Cookie pop-up management – Hiding the annoying cookie consent pop-ups on websites.
  • Duck Player – a built-in YouTube player for ad-free video streaming.
  • Email Protection – a built-in Email Protection that strips all the trackers from incoming emails.

All these features help the browser consume 60% less data than Chrome, claims DuckDuckGo. And to improve its browser, the company is working to add support for extensions soon. Download the beta app to get started.