DXC Technology, a global IT services provider has disclosed a ransomware attack that happened on its subsidiary, Xchanging. Though the ransomware group isn’t known yet, DXC has reportedly in SEC filings as the attacks were limited to Xchanging and are contained. Remediation activities are going on and have informed the clients about the attack.

Xchanging Hit With a Ransomware

Xchanging is a managed services provider primarily for insurance companies, and also serves firms in education, consumer packed goods, automotive, aerospace, defense, financial, manufacturing, and healthcare. It has 7,000 employees working worldwide and is a subsidiary of DXC Technology. Last week, the parent company has disclosed a ransomware attack on its subsidiary, Xchanging.

This was reported in SEC filings on July 5th, saying the attack was limited to a subset of Xchanging systems only and assures no compromise or loss of data. The company has reportedly investigated with authorities, and said would be revealing more data as confirmed. It does not define when the company has actually detected the attack and the malicious authors.

BleepingComputer, who talked with the spokesperson of DXC was told as, “While the revenue from those impacted customers is not material to DXC financial position, we nevertheless take this situation very seriously and have already restored services as nearly all of them“. The company says the attack was contained and remediation measures are being done to restore clients’ works.

As of now, it’s seen that only a few of the clients have remedied and back-up running. And since the investigation is ongoing, there’s no much data about this incident to learn about.


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