The low-cost UK airliner, easyJet reported a security breach on Thursday that has affected over 9 million customers! While most of the details were safe, a specific group of 2,208 people had their sensitive card details stolen. And the company is now informing everyone about this. The attackers behind this were still unidentified, and EasyJet has informed relevant authorities about this.

The Breach

easyJet is a budget airliner based in Landon, UK. It covers most of the domestic travels and international travels to around 30 countries via 1,000+ routes. On Thursday last week, the airliner has reported to Landon Stock Market and data-privacy watchers in the UK about a security breach it faced in April this year.

Easyjet Hacked
Easyjet Hacked

Under this, the airliner says around 9 million customers’ card data have been affected. While most of those customers are still safe, easyJet says credit card data of about 2,208 customers have been accessed! This includes scraping the sensitive details like Card numbers, CVV codes, expiry dates, and their full names. These could be used for stealing money from their bank accounts through carding methods.

Reaching Affected People By May 26th

easyJet has informed this to National Cybersecurity Center and the ICO regarding this incident and investigating the issue. While easyJet says it has informed this breach to those immediately effected now, it plans to reach the rest of those 9 million by May 26th. Even before easyJet’s announcement, a customer from it has asked for more details on Twitter regarding this. She might be one of those affected people in the 2,208 group, thus received the first batch of emails.

Attackers behind this incident aren’t identified yet. Nor the easyJet explained how exactly the breach has happened. While we all wait to see what excuse easyJet shall report, it’s advised to customers to follow basic security practices like changing passwords, PINs, monitoring the bank statements for unusual transactions, etc for possible thefts.

Via: The Guardian


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