After a year-long of working, elementaryOS team has finally rolled out the new update of their customized Linux OS, the version 5.1. This was codenamed as Hera and has a lot of improvements from its predecessor, Juno.

The founder has previously said that the donations received via its website and Patreon isn’t enough to serve to a growing community. It’s one of such browsers as Brave that doesn’t collect user data.

Elementary OS Hera 5.1 Released
Elementary OS Hera 5.1 Released

While Microsoft and macOS collect data to personalize their user’s experience (and may trade for money), Elementary OS doesn’t gather data and earns only through donations and “Pay What You Want” model. Here, in this version too, you can just pay (or don’t) whatever the amount you like and download the update. Here are the new improvements in Hera 5.1 OS.

Remodelled Login

Logging in now is more fun. The lock screen and waking up not just looks good but works as fun. Now, in this version, a card style showing username and their background are cool. Issues such as HiDPI and Focus that are reported in previous versions are corrected.

Default Flatpak

The Flatpak support is now rolled out of the box now. Thereby, you can add third-party apps that aren’t available in AppCenter with ease. The all-new Graphical utility sideload option lets users download apps from Flatpak with just a single click.

Cool Onboarding Experience

Install an app for the first time and running on new elementaryOS is now easy and automatic. It allows the first run configurations of privacy settings, night light settings, cleaning up deleted or temporary files automatic.

Minor System Settings Changes

This new version has made minor improvements in the deep system settings as Desktop Appearance, Language & Region, Power settings, Sound, Display, Displays, Date and Time, Network Mouse & Touchpad, Bluetooth, Security and Privacy settings are improved.

General Application Improvements

General system apps as, Photos, Camera, Code, Videos, Terminal, Files, Calendar and Music are updated.

At last, the core kernel if Linux has been upgraded to version 5.0 and as the team said, all the current Juno (elementaryOS 5.0) version system will be upgraded to this latest 5.1 HeraOS. With all that being said, the only disappointment left to users is the missing of most required features these days; Dark Mode! This option of turning your system entirely too dark mode isn’t yet available and is hoped to be coming in next updates.


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