Elon Musk has just revealed that he’d be paying a tax amount to $11 billion this year! He tweets this revelation saying that “For those wondering”.

Many have been asking in tweets Elon that how much tax he’d pay, with some forming theories evaluating his incomes for finding the approximate figure. Clearing their assumptions, Musk stated a number that wondered everyone!

Musk’s Hefty Tax Payment

Elon Musk, the world’s richest person as of now is about to pay a tax amount of $11 billion this year. This figure was revealed by himself on Twitter, while he didn’t state any source for verifying it. Well, while we see Musk enjoys playing with his followers most of the time, we hope today’s revelation isn’t false.

Though we hear many companies tactically evade taxes through various schemes and investments, individuals running them could be taxed in certain cases. And Musk redeeming hundreds of millions of worry shares lately is a sign that he’d to pay a hefty tax amount to the government if making profits on such liquidation.

Musk’s figure of $11 billion is an astonishing amount, at least to the ones who’re not expecting it. Many of his followers have already made calculations and organized polls to take more content and memes out of his revelation.

With that in place, we found each person on earth can get around $1.4 from Musk’s $11 billion tax this year, considering the current population to be around 7.8-7.9 billion. The hefty tax amount is something that takes the average American thousands of years to reach his status of tax payment.

One interesting poll named who would make better use of Musk’s tax amount garnered nearly 85% of people voting for Musk, vs the government.


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