Like many other platforms, Microsoft Teams also offers a dark mode theme. However, we need to enable it manually from the settings. Microsoft Teams can be used on any Operating system like Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, and the good thing is that they support the Dark mode feature.

The benefits of using dark mode on Android and iOS are that it saves battery even on laptops. It does not use much battery (but it depends on what type of display you use). Another reason for using dark mode is that it reduces eye fatigue and gives a better experience while using it.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Teams?

If you want to enable a dark mode feature in Microsoft Teams on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android, then check out the guide provided below. This guide explains the process step by step to switch on the dark mode manually.

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Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Teams for Windows, Mac, and Web

The process of enabling dark mode in Microsoft Teams on desktop and web is the same as having a similar user interface. Follow the steps given below and turn on dark mode for Windows, Mac, and Web.

  1. First, open Microsoft Teams on your browser and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the Profile icon, which is at the top-right corner of the window
  3. From there, select “Settings” and go to “General.
  4. You will see theme options like Default, Dark, and High contrast.
  5. Click on the Dark theme, and you’re done.


If you want to disable the dark mode and want to return to default, repeat the same process and click on “Default” in the General section.

Turn on Dark Mode for Android in Microsoft Teams

While turning on the dark mode on Android, make sure you have saved all of your work in the app, as you need first to close the app and then reopen it. Now, follow the steps to turn on dark mode for Android.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Teams app on your smartphone.
  2. Now, click on the three lines (Menu) at the top-left side of the screen
  3. From the list, click on Settings, go to the General section and turn on the “Dark Theme” option.
    Toggle on dark theme option
  4. Once you turn it on, a window appears to restart the app. Click on “Restart,” and the app will be closed and reopen on its own.

Microsoft teams-android

That’s it! The dark mode is activated on Android devices. If you want, you can turn it off by turning off the “Dark theme” option.

Turn on Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad.

  1. First, open the Microsoft Teams app on your device and click on the top-left side’s profile icon.
  2. From the Menu, click on “Settings” and go to General
  3. In General, select “Appearance” here. You will see dark and light options.
  4. Tap on “Dark” to enable the dark mode.
    select dark mode on iOS
  5. It will restart the app, so a prompt will appear to close the app.
  6. Click on “Close app,” and the app will be closed. Now, you need to manually open the app to check whether the dark mode is enabled or not.

restart the app on iOS

If the dark mode doesn’t work, click on the “Light” option, go back to the default light theme, and change it again to dark mode.


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