Epic Launcher is one of the most popular game launchers for Windows, where you can find some of the most popular games like Dead By Daylight, Fortnite, The Evil Within, and more.

All games you bought for Windows from the Epic Store will appear on the Epic Games Launcher. You can play all the games from the Epic Store through this launcher. But what if this Epic Games Launcher fails to open?

This is a common issue encountered by gamers who have bought games from Epic Games Store. In their complaints, users have mentioned that no matter what they do, the Epic Games Launcher won’t open and keep crashing upon the startup. Let’s go through all the troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix Epic Games Launcher not opening in Windows 11. 

Why Epic Games Launcher Fails to Open in Windows 11?

If you are facing issues with the Epic Games Launcher, then the following reasons are to be blamed for it-

  1. Epic Games launcher is not given appropriate permissions, which is required to work properly. 
  2. You can also face this issue if the Epic Games Launcher is not installed properly or the installation files are corrupted. 
  3. Another reason that can be causing this issue is limited system resources. 
  4. If the Epic Games Launcher or the Windows is not updated to the latest version, then that can also cause this issue. 
  5. The issue can also be caused due to antivirus and firewall conflicting with the proper working of Epic Games launcher. 
  6. Issues with the Epic account can also cause this issue. 

Fix Epic Games Launcher Not Opening in Windows 11

Like the above, there can be many more reasons behind Epic Games Launcher not opening in Windows 11. You need not worry about anything; all you have to do is follow the troubleshooting methods listed below, and the issue will be resolved-

1. Run Epic Games Launcher as Administrator

The first thing that you must do is run the Epic Games launcher as administrator. This ensures the launcher has all the required permissions and does not crash. Here’s how you can do it-

  1. Open the Start Menu and search for Epic Games Launcher
  2. Select Epic Games Launcher from the Start menu and click Run as Administrator.Select Epic Games Launcher from the Start menu and click Run as Administrator
  3. Click Yes when the UAC prompt appears to run the launcher as administrator. 

2. Close All Epic Games Launcher Processes

Another thing that you should do is close all the Epic Games launcher processes and then relaunch the launcher. Here’s how you can do it-

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager. 
  2. Head to the Processes tab and look for all the processes related to the Epic Games. 
  3. Select the process individually and then click on End Task to end them.Close All Epic Games Launcher Processes
  4. Once done, follow the previous method to run the launcher as administrator. 

3. Ensure Your PC Has Free Resources

Your PC must have enough resources, i.e., RAM and CPU. If multiple apps are running on your PC, then that may consume a lot of your PC’s resources and cause this issue. Close all the apps on your PC, then try launching the Epic Games launcher again. 

4. Disable Antivirus and Firewall

The issue can also be caused because of the antivirus and firewall on your system. Generally, third-party software causes this issue, not Windows Defender. If you have a third-party firewall or antivirus software like Kaspersky, Norton, Quick Heal, or any other, you must disable them. disable antivirus

Disable those software that may cause issues with the Epic Games Launcher. You don’t have to disable Windows Security protection and firewall. If this still doesn’t help, you can move to the next step in this article. 

5. Update Windows

Sometimes, outdated Windows can also cause this issue. Ensure you have all the latest Windows updates installed to avoid issues with the Epic Games Launcher. Given below are the steps to update Windows-

  1. Press the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to launch Settings
  2. Click Windows Update on the left tab, then click the Check for Updates button on the right. check for updates
  3. Download and install all the updates, and then restart your PC. 

6. Update Graphics Drivers

If Epic Games Launcher is not opening in Windows 11, it can be due to an outdated graphics driver. Update the graphics driver by following the steps given below to fix this issue-

  1. Right-click on the Start icon and then click on Device Manager
  2. Expand Display Adaptors by double-clicking on it. 
  3. Right-click on the graphics driver from the list, then click Update Driver. Update Driver
  4. Now, click on Search Automatically for Drivers to update the drivers. Search Automatically for drivers

If you see two graphics drivers after expanding the Display Adaptors list, you will have to update both individually. 

7. Update Epic Games Launcher

Epic Games Launcher automatically updates itself, but if, for some reason, it is not updated automatically, then you can do it from the official website. You can download the latest setup file from the Epic Games Launcher and install it on your PC. This way, you will have manually updated the Epic Games Launcher, and you should no longer face issues with it. 

8. Repair Epic Games Launcher

The issue can be caused if the launcher files are corrupted or the launcher is not installed properly. To fix it, you can try repairing the Epic Games Launcher-

  1. Press Windows + R and type appwiz.cpl, hit enter.appwiz.cpl
  2. The control panel will open up where you need to find Epic Games Launcher and select it.
  3. Now Click the Repair option on the top menu and follow the on-screen instructions.Repair Epic Games Launcher

9. Reinstall Epic Games Launcher

If you have tried resetting the Epic Games Launcher, which doesn’t help, you must try reinstalling it. A fresh install might solve the issues you have faced with the launcher. This can be done by following the steps given below-

  1. Head to Settings through the Windows + I keyboard shortcut. 
  2. Now head to Apps > Apps & Features
  3. Scroll down to the Epic Games Launcher, click on the three dots next to it, and then on Uninstall.Reinstall Epic Games Launcher
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the app. 
  5. Now, download the launcher setup from the official Epic Games site and install it. 

10. Try Another Account

If the above steps don’t help, you can try using another account with the Epic Games Launcher. Sometimes, the problem with the current account can also cause this issue. You must reinstall the Epic Games launcher and sign in with an alternative account. See if that fixes the issue or not. 

11. Contact Epic Games Customer Support

Lastly, if nothing helps or the issue is with the Epic Games account, getting support from the Epic Games Customer support team is the only solution. Contact Epic Games customer support and tell them about the issue you have been facing. Give them a detailed description of the issue, and they will guide you to fix it. 

Bottom Line

That’s it with this guide; the above steps should help you fix the Epic Games launcher not opening in Windows 11. After following the above steps, the issue should be fixed, and you can use the Epic Games launcher without any issues.


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