Even after a number of lawsuits and restrictions, the European Union isn’t letting Google function as it is in other countries.

Lately, the European Consumer Organisation said it received complaints from member nations that Google is violating GDPR rules in many cases while creating a new account.

For example, it stated that Google is masking important data processing information while enrolling potential people up to a new Google account, not settings a ‘deny all’ button for permissions – while having an ‘accept all’ button, and relying mostly on non-detail explanations to process the onboarding smoothly.

Google is Masking Important Information

Out of all the serving nations Google’s in, handling the European nations must be so hard. The American search giant is already tangled with a €2.4 billion lawsuit from PriceRunner, while its Google Analytics service is banned by a few European nations.

And now, the European Consumer Organisation – a representative body for all the consumer agencies in the European Union is pressing charges against Googlefor violating a number of GDPR rules while signing up prospective people for a new Google account.

The organization said it received complaints from five-member nations that Google is hiding important information while signing up someone to a new account. For example – they stated that Google is showing vague explanations on why it collects and how it integrates user data while keeping masking the detailed explanation.

Plus, it sets an “accept all” button for making it easy for accepting all the permissions and settings for data collection while signing up a new account, but not have a “deny all” button to do them against. Overall, it’s simply making it hard for the users to say “no” to using its services.

At last, the organization calls Google as being the foremost proprietor of “surveillance capitalism“, and has been violating a number of GDPR articles in the name of providing smooth services.


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