Since yesterday, Eurostar has been emailing all its users to reset their account passwords – by sharing a link that’s unfortunately not working.

Following the link leads to a password setting page, which blocks the process citing technical issues. As it effectively locks out the user from his account, several have expressed their frustration online against Eurostar. The company acknowledged this and blamed its maintenance as the cause.

Eurostar Password Reset Issues

Eurostar, a high-speed rail operator popularly known for connecting the UK to France, Belgium, and Netherlands through the Channel Tunnel, is now being angered by its community.

Since yesterday, the company has been forcing users to reset their account passwords, citing an update to their security measures – has been sending email notifications with a password reset link in it. Tapping on this would take you to a page that states the action couldn’t be completed, stating a technical issue!

This frustrated the users who were locked out of their accounts – and was unable to access their data. Many have taken this issue to various social platforms to express their anger – to which Eurostar responded with a long thread of explanations.

Acknowledging the issue, the company blamed its maintenance team for this trouble and said to be working hard on this. But some reported seeing this error even before the email notifications were sent – as the issues cited “missing” information from their accounts.

The company asked users to clear their browser cookies or re-attempt registration using the same email address to solve it – which didn’t work either [12]. Eurostar forcing its users to rest passwords seemed suspicious in some ways – as the first time the company asked so was in 2018 – when it faced a data breach.

Though it cited a security update reason now, it’s unknown why the company is adamant about it now, even though users are frustrated.


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