As companies like Apple and Spotify see the future in podcasts and made their own versions, Facebook now jumped in too.

As per reports, Facebook is sending emails to page owners for adding a new Podcast tab to their page and host their regular podcasts on the platform itself. Also, it talked about Clips, where creators can share a part of their podcast episode as promotions.

Facebook Eyes on Podcast Space

One of the finest entertainment spaces – Podcasts has been growing lately since people are looking for new ways of enjoyment. And as more and more platforms support this space, the number of influencers starting their own podcasts has been growing too.

Big techs like Apple, Spotify, and Amazon (Audible) are in this space already, and now Facebook joins the band. As The Verge found out on Wednesday, Facebook has been sending emails to page owners about a new podcast feature on its platform.

The company offers to add a dedicated podcast button on their page profiles if they agree to host podcasts. As for podcasters on Apple and Spotify, you can share the RSS feed to Facebook to add your Podcast.

In the shared email, Facebook said,

“Starting June 22, 2021, Facebook will be the place where people can enjoy, discuss and share the podcasts they love with each other. To help them find your work, we can add a new tab to your Page that will feature your podcasts.

By adding your podcasts to your Page, people will be able to listen to every episode directly on Facebook. There’s no need to upload or link to anything. Your Page will be updated with your latest episodes as they become available. You can also unpublish or remove your podcast at any time.”

Podcasters have to note that Facebook mentioned obtaining the rights of doing derivative works from the content, which is new and unknown for the moment. While what exactly Facebook gains from this term isn’t known, interested podcasters should get into the platform by considering all these.


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