Starting today, Facebook will be adding labels to posts regarding the voting of upcoming presidential elections, across its Facebook and Instagram platforms. It has added a new Voting Information Center section in the Menu, to help users learn updated information about ten elections. Besides, it’s also enrolling eligible users for voter registrations and interested members for poll workers.

Facebook Take a New Step to Combat Misinformation

Facebook has long been criticized for facilitating misinformation on its platform, especially in the times of elections. And the world’s largest social media is doing everything it can to clean that mark since its scandal of Cambridge Analytica in 2016. And now, as a part of its June’s announcement of combating misinformation, it has taken a new step.

Facebook has today launched a new section – Voting Information Center to educate users about the upcoming presidential elections scheduled on November 3rd. This is just like the learning center for Coronavirus, which contains information from authentic sources. Here, the curated information about every state’s local election news is available for users.

This will be updated by the Election Authorities until the election day, and also after that with facts. Since some of the states have switched to a new voting system through mail ballots, it would be good for knowing the process. Further, it’s also aimed at enrolling the eligible voters to register for voting and check others if they have registered.

Besides, Facebook also said it has an option dedicated for election authorities to search for poll workers, who’ll be crucial in these times. Interested users can enroll in this, and Facebook is also giving some free ad credits to authorities to advertise their requirements on their platform.

A new feature is also included in today’s launch, where any posts related to Vote or Voting are detected by Facebook’s AI to link a label to the authentic information, such as the Voting Information Center. The new announcements will be seen in the US Facebook and Instagram platforms.


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