At the Oculus Connect 6, which is a Facebook annual event, a new game called Horizon was announced. It is a Virtual reality open-world game where players can create their own reality, create and play their own games, even socialize with friends and other users. Users are represented by legless animated avatars in the game.

What is Facebook’s Horizon?

Facebook Announced a New VR Game named Horizon
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Well, it looks like the game has drawn inspiration from “Ready Player One”. However, it is more of a Minecraft with virtual reality. After creating your animated avatar, users can mingle with their friends in already developed square town, or hop into virtual portals called telepods which teleports them into other player’s created world. Or you can engage in Facebook developed games.

The best part is players won’t need any coding skills to create their own games or activities. If developers wish to create a realistic VR experience, he will have an array of tools to do so. It hasn’t been confirmed yet if Facebook will charge any fee or players have to pay to hop into other player’s world. However, down the line, this is the best to monetize and grow the game.

The game is just announced, Facebook and Oculus have a long way to go. The project is very sketchy, and no one can say anything for sure. This legless avatar can become an addictive app, or it might be another ambitious VR project down the drain.

Horizon will be launching somewhere in 2020, users with Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest can request early access to the beta game now. But seem this is what Facebook is focused on at the moment as they have pushed all of its Oculus users to Horizon. This is signal by the abrupt shutting down of Facebook Space and Oculus Rooms VR social networks.


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