Facebook isn’t falling behind innovation. The social media giant has reinvented its 3D service to offer users a better way to share images. Facebook has just released a tool that would let any user with an average phone tune 2D images into 3D images. The service was previously available only for dual-lens phones, but it’s now supporting single-lens phones too.

Facebook’s been handling enough pressure from authorities and critics already. And to sustain from all such factors, the company’s tightening its privacy policies and reinventing itself with new features to entertain users. One such trail is here – an AI-powered tool to convert 2D images into 3D.

Facebook New Feature Turns 2D Images to 3D Even by Average Phones
Facebook New Feature Turns 2D Images to 3D Even by Average Phones

Will Support Single-lens cameras too!

A similar tool was launched by Facebook back in 2018, but it then supported only by those high-end phones which has a dual-lens camera. They’re expensive, thus no much reach then. But now, it has improved enough to support mediocre mobiles to tune such things.

Facebook said any recent mid-range Android or iPhone 7 and above are capable of using their tool. Even the phones with single-lens will support now! This makes most of the Facebook user base, so they’ll able to try this new feature.

How they do it?

Facebook said, “To bring this new visual format to more people, we have used state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to produce 3D photos from virtually any standard 2D picture.”

This tool is powered by AI’s neural networks, which analyzes the depth of each pixel from the camera and recreate it as a 3D output. It’s basically as we see in the tilted or typical angular image. This neural network is trained based on a huge set of data, from paintings to photos to be perfect.

This feature will be found in a new Facebook app update, as 3D Photo, an added option besides general options while uploading a photo to Facebook. One can take a live photo or upload an old one from Gallery, to tune it into a 3D image before uploading.


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