WaBetaInfo reported on a malicious campaign where unknown fraudsters are pretending as WhatsApp Support personnel to steal sensitive information from people.

As per it, they’re impersonating the WhatsApp Support team with a fake verified badge and asking for a 6-digit account PIN and credit card details. Users should be vigilant about such campaigns and block or report such accounts as spam.

Fake WhatsApp Support Campaign

WhatsApp is the popular instant messenger worldwide, scammers using it as a means to steal sensitive data or money isn’t unusual. We’ve already seen a few campaigns targeted at unsuspecting people to steal their money.

And now, we see a similar campaign in the wild aimed at stealing sensitive data from people. As reported by a Discord user shimon128 to WaBetaInfo, scammers are messaging people with a fake verified badge and posing as WhatsApp chat Support team.

Accounts of such are having a verified badge in their profile picture, unlike the actual placement of the badge at their contact name. If the contact is not saved, the verified badge should be displayed right beside their phone number.

Pretending to be them, these scammers are asking users to share their credit card details to avoid terminating their WhatsApp accounts. Also in some cases, they’re asking users to share their 6-digit code to log into your WhatsApp account!

To all those people suspecting, this is purely a fake campaign aimed to steal your data, and later your money if possible. Official WhatsApp support teams will never approach users to get their details, especially the information of credit card or account login info.

In such cases, people are advised to block and report the fake contact to WhatsApp, using tools in the chat info. This will send the last 5 messages from this chat to the WhatsApp moderation team, who will then judge and suspend the account.


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