Best FanFiction Websites

You just completed all the seasons of Breaking Bad and wanted to see just how Jesse Pinkman’s life goes after the events. Or you just completed watching The Big Bang Theory and wanted to know if Howard ever gets his Ph.D. degree. Well, people who love these or any character from TV shows, web series, movies, or other forms of media usually end up wanting for more and that’s when fan fiction comes into play. 

As the name suggests, FanFiction is a completely fan-written story based on existing characters from any TV show, web series, plays, anime, games, movie, or other media. You, as a fanfiction writer, can pen out new settings, storylines, add characters, and more. This has become a favorite literary pastime for many as this form of art allows readers and writers to have little more time with their favorite characters. 

What is FanFiction?

As a devoted fan of any movie or TV show, it is not possible to get over the fact that the show or the movie franchise is over. However, this leaves a desire for more and that is where Fanfiction was born as a way to reprise one’s favorite pop-culture characters to live almost infinitely.

As a fanfiction reader, there are many websites where literary fanfiction pieces are available reprising characters like Mr. Spock or Leonard Hoffstadder on a new journey. 

FanFiction allows writers to write storylines with no boundaries whatsoever. You will find much Fanfiction where characters from two or more universes or TV shows/movies will meet and have a storyline. This is because there’s a limit or boundary and everything is based on the endless creativity of the writer.

Fanfiction writers can pen a story that changes the whole plot of a movie, add characters that weren’t in the original work or add storylines that are impractical, and yet, it will be counted as Fanfiction.

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List of Best Fanfiction Websites to Read FanFiction Stories Online in 2022

If you are a fan of FanFiction titles, here are the best Fanfiction Sites of all times that you should look for. Just go through the list and browse your favorite Fanfiction.

1. Archive of Our Own (AO3)

Archive of Our Own (AO3)AO3 is undoubtedly one of the largest libraries of fanfiction works ranging from movies to tv shows, theater, video games, cartoons, celebrities, manga, and other fandoms. The last time I checked, it has more than 18,000 fanfiction stories on Harry Potter alone and you will find stories for almost everything you can search for.

The search feature on AO3 is amongst the most advanced as it lets you enter the topic, tags, artist, crossovers, and other info to find the most relevant fanfiction stories to consume. 

Website: Archive of Our Own

2. lets you unleash your imagination with thousands of stories on popular movies/tv-shows like Beyblade, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Star Wars, Thor, and more. The user interface is easy to navigate so that you won’t face any difficulty going through the list of fanfictions.

You can create your Fanfiction or take part in the community or forum to express your opinion to others and more. FanFiction holds manga, anime, movies, books, plays, cartoons, and other categories.


3. Commaful

CommafulIt is a bit confusing at first, but Commaful is a website worth visiting. One of the largest multimedia fanfiction sites gives you access to short stories free of cost. The website looks modern with a great paint job and visuals, which is enough to lure you in spending more time with it.

You can search for genre or search for fandoms like Naruto or Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, and you will find a tonne of stories right away. The short stories format on Commaful also keeps readers engaged in consuming more content. Plus, you can create your own stories on Commaful without any hassle.

Website: Commaful

4. Wattpad

WattpadWattpad is one of the most popular fanfiction websites recording more than 90 million readers. The website lets you dive into the endless tunnel of fanfiction works and more spread across different categories like Horror, fantasy, diverse lit, teen fiction, to name a few.

One of the most significant writing communities has published countless novels and stories in original and Fanfiction categories. I assure you that you won’t be bored on Wattpad anytime soon.

Website: Wattpad

5. DeviantArt

DeviantartUndoubtedly one of the best-designed websites in the lot, DeviantArt is well-known for its fanfiction illustrations, photography, and videography. It has one of the largest communities out there.

You can search for any fanfiction work on DeviantArt and stumble upon thousands of search results in an instant. Of course, you do need some navigation and know about fanfictions before ending up on DeviantArt, but it is worth it.

Website: DeviantArt

List of Top FanFiction Niches

There is a tonne of niche fanfiction sites you can look for, be it Harry Potter or Star Wars or others. In addition, you can find out some niche fanfiction based on the category of the fanfictions available so check these links.

Closing Phrases

There you have it, the list of top best FanFiction websites of all time based on user reviews. Of course, there are hundreds of other fanfiction websites out there, but we couldn’t just list them all, so we picked the best ones.


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