The default Windows Explorer does a great job of looking at and listing your PC’s files and directories. However, other file managers for Windows come with additional features and tools that can make your work much easier.

I’m sure you will love the extensive features of tagging your files, adding watermarks, batch processing of names, etc. These features are available in other Windows file explorer alternatives, which we will discuss today.

The default file manager by Windows 11/10 is pretty awesome and great for normal use. But it’s not sufficient for the power user.

People who mainly work with media files face trouble with Windows Explorer. If you’re one of them, we have some great alternatives to Windows file managers, which you can try today.

Best File Managers for Windows 11/10

Here are some great file managers for Windows PCs. These softwares will certainly make your work easy for managing directories and files.

1. Explorer ++

Explorer ++

Explorer++ is a free and open-source file manager for Windows. With the dual-pane interface, it also supports folder tabs and one drive. You can also bookmark a tab to browse your file.

It comes with all the basic functions like filtering, sorting, moving, cutting, and splitting the files. You can use this software in both 32-bit and 64-bit windows. If you are looking for a clean file explorer for Windows, you must go with Explorer ++.

2. Total Commander

Total Commander

Total Commander is an old hand software that keeps surprising its users with every new update. It features a neat and clean interface that ensures faster navigation and less complexity. It is, in fact, the best file manager for transferring huge loads of files.

Besides, Total Commander also supports numerous file formats and multiple customizable keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, you can also install several plugins for other file formats that are not included in default.

3. One Commander

One Commander

One Commande is another free file manager that looks the same as the native file manager of Windows. It comes with beautiful two themes.

You can run several directories simultaneously, which makes it more efficient. Other features are the history panel, the address bar, and an integrated preview of audio and video files.

4. Directory Opus

Directory Opus

It is an old file manager with a clean interface. The software supports the file tree that helps to enter the directories easily.

Its features involve a search bar, Indicators in different files, and many more. Directory Opus supports multiple files like ZIP, RAR, Image uploader, and converter.

5. Free Commander

Free Commander

Free Commander is a free file explorer service with a dual-pane interface. It enables copying or moving the files from one folder to another very easily.

You can also access the network drives apart from folders. It is a very simple file explorer for Windows with a clean interface, but you cannot open OneDrive and Cloud from this software.

6. Xplorer 2

Xplorer 2

Xplore 2 is one of the most advanced and modern file managers for Windows. You can choose from a ribbon-style interface and menu bar. It comes with fast identification of the files and color coding to analyze the files easily.

The interface can be customized to maintain neat arrangments. The premium model focuses on business and offers network distribution of files.

7. WinDirStat


It is another file manager for Windows, especially to see the disk space used and left to be used. This software comes with the cleanup tools for Windows. It allocates the color code to find the folder more easily.

It also uses clour cod to show the disk space uses. You can see the spaces and decide to use the space accordingly. WinDirStat is handy for Windows with an intuitive interface.

8. XYplorer


Xplore is a file manager with a dual-pane like most of the others. Some of the major features are supporting tabs with a specific configuration.

With a folder, a tree allows clean navigation through the files. Files can be easily organized by tagging. Other features are fuzzy matching, search, regular expressions, and many more.

9. Clover File Manager


Clover is a fundamental file manager for Windows. This is the best choice if you want to stay away from the hassles. It comes with basic features like bookmarks, merges, and quick access to mostly used folders.

10. Files & Folder Lite

Files & Folder Lite

Files & Folder lite comes with a clean and easy interface. You can easily access any file with expandable navigation windows on the left side.

It also supports OneDrive, but Google Drive is not supported. It is a fundamental file manager of Windows.

11. fMan

f Man

F Man is a completely keyboard-based file manager available for Windows and Mac. It displays a dual-pane view which ensures a fast and efficient file transfer between different directories.

Moreover, if you are not familiar with using hotkeys, pressing Ctrl+Shift+P will take you to the Command Palette.

The best part is that you can find tons of plugins for this explorer that lets you create your own features. On typing “Install Plugins,” the Command Pallete will show you all the available plugins, and you can choose according to your preference.

12. ExploreMax


If you are fed up with the inbuilt File Manager of Windows, then you should move to ExploreMax. It has some additional and advanced features that can enhance the file-managing experience without any other add-ons.

However, ExplorerMax supports batch renaming. It also introduces a timeline feature to check everything under a thread. Fast search is another standout feature you will get. Also, it has dark and light modes.

13. TagSpaces


Being organized with your files and folders always makes sense to streamline your workflow within files and folders.

The best feature of this file manager is that it allows a user to add colors and tags. It will help you know about files. However, TagSpaces is very easy to use because of its intuitive user interface.

14. FileVoyager


With everything in a single place, FileVoyager is another significant file manager for the Windows system. Dual panel mode is the key feature of the app that can help transfer files and folders between destinations and sources.

FileVoyager is brilliant at showing files in different modes. Also, other universal features like rename, copy, move, link, delete, and recycle are available. Moreover, there are many advanced features you will get with File Voyager.

15. Q-Dir


The other file managers come with a dual-pane, but Q-Dir comes with a four-pane interface. You can manage multiple folders with this file manager. It also allows you to organize the one in a horizontal and vertical position.

You can also customize it to give it a more natural look. Q-Dir is one of the most efficient file managers of Windows.

From Editor’s Desk

So these were some of the best file managers out there. I’m sure one of them would fit your needs. Tell us which one among them you love the most in the comment section below. And we will see you in the next article.