In a move to enforce the new logins, Fitbit started warning its users to use their Google account for signing in.

This is as per a previous announcement made on the Fitbit support page, where the fitness band company said it’d eventually remove the Fitbit account login support and replace it with a Google account. Also, it promised not to hand over the collected data to Google for ads.

Fitbit Watch New Sign-in Rules

Fitbit, the company we all know for its fitness trackers, was acquired by Google in 2019. Doing so, several agreements were made between the two companies for future work, with one among them about phasing the Fitbit accounts!

As per a new support page created in September this year, Fitbit said it’ll gradually disable all the Fitbit accounts – and replace them with Google accounts. While the complete change is set to take place in 2025, users will be periodically nudged to switch their login modes.

Today, the company posted a warning message on its account login page – asking users to try logging in with their Google accounts instead of Fitbit accounts. As it saves the data in either of the accounts, you shouldn’t feel any lacking while doing so.

The fitness band company has already started forcing new users to sign up with only a Google account, while the old and current users can log in with a Fitbit account until the full change. Though Google bought Fitbit back in 2019, it hasn’t touched many of the latter’s assets until now.

But this year, we saw Google sticking its “Fitbit by Google” tags all over and even tuning Sense 2 and Versa 4 watches with Wear OS 3! As the change is imminent, users are advised to prepare for the transition eventually.

Promising that it won’t share any of the collected data with Google for Google Ads, Fitbit said it’ll notify users with more information soon, maybe through registered emails.


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