If you are a student using many online learning tools and collaborative platforms, you must have come across Flipgrid at some point. Flipgrid is a tool used by teachers and students to create short videos on various learning topics. Since a lot of learning is done virtually, knowing some good Flipgrid alternatives is vital. 

Also, Flipgrid is just for video editing and sharing, which is not a complete learning tool. So it is always good to have a variety of learning and collaborative platforms. So in this guide, we have listed the best Flipgrid alternatives you can use for learning. 

Best Flipgrid Alternatives

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the best Flipgrid alternatives for teachers and students. The platform is built for students and teachers to interact virtually. It is seamless to discuss topics and share files on this platform.

Google ClassroomThe great thing is that it provides integration with Google Docs, Sheets, and even Slides. So everything is quite intuitive. 

This platform can also be used to submit assignments via Google Drive, which are all saved on the cloud. One can easily access Google Classroom on all devices, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So make sure to check this one out. 

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2. Slack

Many of you might have heard about Slack from business people or corporate employees. However, that is not just the case. Slack is a great interactive tool for students and teachers. This platform allows teachers to create virtual lectures, meetings, and discussion groups. 

SlackStudents can also be aware of all the campus activities and share and receive files and comments via different channels on the platform. It is perfect if a class works on a project because teachers can create a unique channel to send information exclusive to the project.

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3. Zoom

At this point, pretty much everyone has either used Zoom or heard about It. Zoom is a video conferencing app that became famous during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

ZoomNow it is one of the most widely used video conferencing apps worldwide. Over time, Zoom has become a great learning tool, and you can use it as a Flipgrid alternative. 

You can seamlessly conduct an online interactive session with your students as a teacher. The platform allows you to create groups, and you can share the group password with your students. It also has a built-in chat feature where people can interact publicly or privately.  

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4. Classcraft

Next up on this list is Classcraft, and this is an excellent tool for creating an interactive experience for kids to learn. This is an online game that involves role-playing activities between teachers and students. It allows students to learn valuable skills/behaviors like teamwork and improve learning outcomes.

ClasscraftThis tool lets teachers create a game for every lesson, and each student has a character who stays as their identity for the entire game.

The game rewards progress by giving Experience Points; the more points you get, the more rewards you get in both the game and real life. 

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5. Seesaw

Seesaw is one of the unique ones on the list. Unlike many other Flipgrid alternatives on the list that only allow teacher-student interaction, Seesaw also allows parents to participate in the learning process. It is seamless for a teacher to create tasks and share files on this platform.

SeesawThen, they can share these tasks with students, and the students can use built-in tools to record videos, send images, and even draw.

Since family members can also participate actively in this tool, it is perfect for young kids who need monitoring. So if you have a young kid in your house, you can utilize this tool. 

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6. Kami

Next up on the list is Kami, one of the best Flipgrid alternatives available in the market. The platform helps students and teachers streamline the entire learning process and make it fun.

KamiThis tool allows teachers to create interactive images, documents, and highly interactive learning materials that accelerate the learning process. 

Then there are other interactive features like voice and video comments, Text-to-Speech and speech-to-text, freehand drawing, and even voice-typing. Students and teachers can use these tools to interact and learn better, so you can check this one out for sure. 

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7. WeVideo

For people looking for a video-based learning tool, WeVideo is a perfect option. This tool focuses on video editing for a significant part. The great thing about the tool is that it is cloud-based, so teachers and students can collaborate online to work on videos. 

WeVideoIt allows students to easily record, view, and edit video footage for their presentations. That is why there are two modes: a simplified mode for students and a complete video editor. So students can check out this tool.  

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8. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is another excellent Flipgrid alternative, and in terms of working, it is pretty similar to Classcraft as it is also an educational game. The concept is to incorporate the learning process into fun and educational games. 

Kahoot!This is a cloud-based game. Here, a teacher creates a new game based on a new lesson topic. The game is Kahoot, and teachers can share it with the PIN to enter.

It is usually played in a group setting where kids answer the questions displayed on the screen. Data from all Kahoot games are incorporated for final evaluation. Overall, it is a fun experience. 

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