Windows 7 is truly a loved OS than any other among users. Though Windows 10 and Linux are provided with more features as MacOS with great security, Windows 7 was the final call for most of us. Though Microsoft has ended its support as per its timeline, an organization is now asking the community to sign their petition asking the maker it free it as open-source OS!

Reasonable Though!

Yes, it is. Asking Microsoft to make it as an open-source platform rather than just killing it is reasonable. The petitioning group, Free Software Foundation said,

“Microsoft has nothing to lose by liberating a version of their operating system that they themselves say has reached its end.”

So, it’s reasonable for the maker to liberate Win7 and give to the community for further improvements. Aside from this, there are plenty of people who’re still relying on Win7 even today. Microsoft, though ended the software updates for Windows 7 as per its 10-year timeline, it still proceeds to give additional 3-year security updates for those who’re willing to pay.

Foundation Asks Microsoft to Make Windows 7 Open Source
Windows 7 Open Source

One such customer is the German government, which prepared to pay $887,000 to Microsoft for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU). With such customers, it’s unlikely that Microsoft would make Windows 7 as the free source.

The Register reported that they’ve contacted Microsoft to know if they’d consider making this OS open-source one day, and being told as, “The company doesn’t comment on rumours and speculation.”

FSF cried that Microsoft, by licensing Windows 7 has poisoned education, invaded privacy, and threatened user security all these years and ending it finally is the firm’s opportunity to undo past wrongs!

At last, all they asked was as below:

  • We demand that Windows 7 be released as free software. Its life doesn’t have to end. Give it to the community to study, modify, and share.
  • We urge you to respect the freedom and privacy of your users – not simply strongarm them into the newest Windows version.
  • We want more proof that you really respect users and user freedom, and aren’t just using those concepts as marketing when convenient.

If you’re interested in supporting this view too, you can sign their online petition to upcycle the Windows 7 OS. If not, you need to rely on alternatives as Windows 10, macOS or other Linux distributions.


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