The importance of education is increasing over time, and so does its path. While the traditional learning system is yet on the game, we humans constantly look for better platforms. Interestingly, today we have so many online college course websites available that it becomes a hard choice. But they are an easy source of getting knowledge and certifications.

Before moving on with our best college course website options, I would like to mention that these platforms offer better interactive learning. Therefore, the websites mentioned below can be of extreme help if you are looking for online college degrees or just sharpening your skills.

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List of Top Best Sites For Free College Courses Online

These websites offer a user-friendly platform that makes remote learning a much easier task. Here is a shortlist of the best websites for free online college classes.

1. Coursera

Coursera has been there as a Massive Open Online Courses platform for a very long time. It is the most recommended platform for those looking towards obtaining some modern life-relevant skills for free. Of course, the paid courses will lend a certificate on your hands and even a degree.

But you have to throw a reasonable amount for that willingly. On the other hand, Coursera hosts quality content from reputed universities like Stanford, Princeton, etc. It lays a great environment where you can learn all in-demand skills and make them into work.

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2. Udemy


Udemy is among the most popular Online Learning platforms known today. It was founded back in 2009, since then, it has been gaining massive popularity over time. With over 1 lakh online courses in every field, including business, designing, programming, and whatnot, Udemy holds the biggest platform for learning.

Not only limited to learning, but if you are good at any skills, you are welcome to upload your course and make good earning. It is a fantastic platform that deals with the versatility of learning. Besides, you can come up with some quality free courses, and the paid courses further range from a lower to a more significant amount.

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3. edX

Start learning with your favorite course and your dream universities across the world. edX lays a perfect environment dedicated to learning. Initially, the platform was created as a joint venture from MIT and Harvard, hosting content from around 140+ universities.

There are no complications regarding the quality of the courses as you will come up with the best every time. Furthermore, they even provide certificates on free courses too. Although this might not be helpful at official levels, you can, of course, add them with further data to showcase your skills.

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4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a more refined user interface, which helps you stick to your particular course without getting lost. However, you will find more courses at the school level. Some quality courses cover broad topics too.

Khan Academy can be an excellent platform for school-going students to clear their doubts regarding mathematics and other subjects. The main focus is to clarify your basics to make you a better learner in the future. All course materials are available for free here with a more intuitive environment.

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5. Open Learn

Open Learn

As the name suggests, Open Learn is a dedicated learning platform emphasized on Open Learning Resource Projects. It is among the earliest online learning platforms, way before sites like Udemy or Coursera.

The best part of this website that drives more attention is that they provide a free catalog covering all online college courses. They cover topics from every field you could hardly think about, such as AI, Machine learning, etc. It features an impressive user-friendly interface and massive collection.

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6. Future Learn

Future Learn

Future Learning focuses on MOOCs instead of offering the very same college courses. They are, in fact, very well-known for making MOOCs. In addition, the quality of their content is just above what others can think of competition.

Although good things come at a price, and so do their courses. Luckily, they charge a one-time annual subscription for all those exclusive contents you get. In addition, future Learning accepts contributions from over 100+ institutions to offer the best learning platform to you.

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7. Stanford Online

Stanford Online

Stanford Online is a crucial project from Stanford University, via which they provide online courses. However, their open learning courses are all the way available for free to everyone. But you will have to pay in case you are seeking certification or a college degree.

The courses have been inherited from various institutions like Stanford Business School. Moreover, free courses can be of great importance for anyone looking forward to continuing their study.

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8. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWareMost people know about MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that is popular for their authority and education. It offers free courses for students for a long time. However, there are more beneficial for using this platform, like you can access lectures, notes, podcasts, and archived courses.

They have an easy interface to sort out the latest and most viewed courses from the menu. From this, you can estimate which type of courses people consume the most.

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From Editor’s Desk

Thanks to the advanced technology today, that leads us to a far better world. With education made easily accessible, everyone can now afford it. You are not asked to pay for everything; instead, it has become more of an option.

The college mentioned above course websites were some of the best from a list of many. So, if you like any of these platforms or have other choices, let us know in the comments below.


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