Frontier broadband has expanded its plans to include a 5Gbps pack available to all users across the US, where its services are already in.

At the cost of $155 per month, the new 5Gbps plan is a symmetrical one – which means you get the same upload and download speeds. This is a huge step that places Frontier on top of other broadband networks, which offer asymmetrical speeds or costs way more than what Frontier is offering.

A Symmetrical High-Speed Internet

Taking a leap in the space of internet connectivity, US-based Frontier Communications has introduced a new 5Gbps plan at just $155 a month! This is the cheapest high-speed internet one can get in the US, at all Frontier services areas, says the company.

Well, the best of it is not the price already – but its symmetrical link speed, where both upload and download speeds pass at 5Gbps! This makes it the first service to do so in the US to date.

Frontier says subscribing to its high-end plan can let you download a 100-minute 8K movie in just under two minutes! Although you need compatible devices like Pixel 7 or MacBook Pro (2023) with a WiFi 6e router to experience the promised speeds.

Well, the $155 per month plan includes the installation and router charges, so you just need a compatible device. Interested users can upgrade to this (if on the 2Gbps tier) by paying an extra $55 a month, that’d offers massive speeds.

But if you think you’re already paying high for the 2Gbps plan, better not step up. The high-end 5Gbps plan is only suitable for those who regularly download massive files or share data with other heavy-duty users in the same household.


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