Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is likely to get delayed or even be canceled since the FTC is in the final stages of its investigation of the deal.

According to reports, the Commission is preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft about this deal, considering it gives it an unfair advantage in the video games market. Similar investigations are being carried out by regulators of other nations, too, outside the US.

Jeopardizing Microsoft’s Activision Deal

Ever since Microsoft announced it’s acquiring Activision Blizzard, several regulators have jumped in to investigate the deal. One among them is the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has just completed the major parts of its investigation into this matter.

As per Politico, the Commision is done with the depositions of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. And now, the Commision is preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft over its deal – says Politico.

Sony has long been arguing that Microsoft may gain an unfair advantage if it acquires Activision, but Microsoft countered these allegations as false. While Sony is worrying that Microsoft may restrict games like Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox, the latter’s CEO confirmed that they’re not planning any of such moves.

Yet, the market regulators like FTC are investigating to find any loopholes that Microsoft may be exploited to gain an unfair advantage. As Microsoft failed to convince the FTC reviewers of this deal, the lawsuit, if FTC pursues it, may be filed as soon as next month.

The Commision is yet to vote on filing a complaint or to meet with lawyers and is not guaranteed completely. But with FTC, UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, and European Commission investigating the deal, Microsoft may likely close this process by later next year.


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