GeoZilla is a tiny tracker that lets your loved ones to contact you in their unexpected hardships. Easy to carry and mostly automatic, this GPS tracker enables one peacefully let their dependents move independently.

Worrying about your loved ones is unavoidable. Though they seem safe, unexpected situations may sometimes put them at risk. And if you wish them to contact you immediately in their hard times, they gotta have something that works quick and easy. Doing this is a new gadget called GeoZilla.

Weighing less than an ounce, this tracker is currently being used by more than one million families around the world.

Upfront, there are three LED lights and three buttons on the diamond-cut surface. While the LED lights indicate the connection and power status, only one of the three buttons has a reasonable purpose. Chargeable via a Micro USB port, this tracker lasts power up to 3-4 days on a single charge.

This tiny compact tracker has three square-shaped buttons in a triangular pattern. While two of them have no real use, the center button, when pressed, sends an alert to a pre-set number that they need help. This is a better way to be contacted by the guardian than in the case of a smartphone, where one needs to tumble with locks, apps, and dailpads.

You can set things to alert you wherever the tracker (person carrying it) crosses the range, general updates every 5 or 30 mins, weekly driving reports to check how the dependent is driving, etc.

GeoZilla Find Family & Friends
GeoZilla Find Family & Friends

As every modern software service, this GeoZilla comes with an app that has all the formalities. A user has to register with the service via app and set all the information (contact data and limits) in it. Syncing with the tracker, this gadget works well as said below:

  • It locates the family and close friends (as set in-app) in real-time.
  • Will alert when they leave the specified area.
  • I can check the location history for the past few weeks.
  • You can keep the community connected with a private chat option.

While the tracker alone costs you $49.99, you need to purchase a data plan worth $4.99/month to keep it alive. You can get this subscription for $49.99 as yearly or $99.99 as a 3-year plan. You’d be given a 30-day free trial with a money-back guarantee in that period. Just in case if not satisfied, can return it and claim the amount.

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